Why is Proper Nutrition so important especially under children?

Why is Proper Nutrition so important especially under children?

September 2019 | Footy's

South Africa is the third obese country in the world, 7/10 women and 4/10 men struggle with obesity. Studies have shown that a child that is obese between ages of 10-13 has an 80% tendency to be obese as an adult.

According to the American National Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, the incidence of childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years. Healthy eating should thus be inculcated at an early age, as eating habits (good and bad) are persisted with during the later stages of life. Cultivating healthy eating patterns early in life is one of the most important principles To determine what is healthy eating we must first define what Health means:

What is health?

Health is a continuum of illness and wellness. State of wellness does not have to mean that a person is disease-free. It is so important that a person’s head is in the right direction namely are growing in awareness, knowledge and consciousness to improve Health and this will lead to a state of optimal wellness.

True health is the entire spectrum of human experience in the continuum including both experience of illness and the movement towards optimal wellness. A high level of wellness is:

1. Good physical care, using mind constructively, concerned about physical, psychological, spiritual, expressing emotions and being creatively involved.

2. Optimal Nutrition is the main aspect of good physical care but will also help you psychological, spiritual and emotionally because good nutrition makes you feel good.

Unfortunately... Today the high levels of stress, fast foods, lack of exercise and technology all contribute to a bad lifestyle and this can lead to disease. One of the main problems under children but also adults: is sugar (in all forms from sweets up to refined carbohydrates and sugary cooldrinks).

The problem with Sugar is, that sugar is:

1. Addictive

2. Induce inflammation so you are then more prone to infections and it can cause obesity that leads to further problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems, socially low self-esteem, trouble sleeping

3. Stimulates insulin resulting in increased fat deposition.

4. Makes fat via the liver and can contribute to high elevated cholesterol levels.

5. Can cause lack of concentration and this can contribute to more side effects especially under hyperactive children and children suffering from ADHD and ADD.

Thus, Proper Nutrition is the key to

1. Controlling obesity and weight.

2. Improving health so reducing disease and chronic illness.

3. Improve concentration and energy levels and so better school performances.

Next month we will speak on what is optimal, healthy nutrition for children.