The shocking effects of sugar.

The shocking effects of sugar.

March 2019 | Footy's

Many of us do not realise just how much sugar our children consume on a daily basis.

This can come as a shock to many parents. According to studies done in the US, by the department of agriculture, children under the age of 12 are consuming up to 49 pounds (22.2kg) of sugar on a yearly basis. This is a few pounds short of an adult’s yearly intake.

This amount of sugar intake has alarming health effects as well as academic effects on children.

Shocking effects sugar has on your child’s academic performance.

It has been shown that high sugar intake affects the brain. When consuming high amounts of sugar before classes or a task, sugar triggers a release of cortisol. This is the brain's stress chemical. With cortisol released into the brain, it impedes memory performance by a significant percentage. With the release of cortisol, many children find it difficult to sit still and pay attention – often mistaken for signs and symptoms of ADD/ ADHD. With this restlessness children often do not pay attention to their lessons and struggle to retain information due to memory impediment.

Health issues caused by excessive sugar intake

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have also shown results of overindulgence on sugar reducing the chances of healthy brain food being consumed due to the chemicals response in the brain caused by sugar. This response from the brain tells the body it is full, reducing the chances of children consuming their healthy evening meals. Without these much-needed nutrients children’s health levels begin to decline resulting in lower immune systems.

Children who suffer from overindulgence of sugar have been shown to show preference to sweets and sodas that are fruit flavoured instead of enjoying actual fruit and all of its health benefits. These choices results in consuming empty calories.

How can Footy’s products help with the sugar battle?

By opting to use the Footy’s Future Food range, you are eliminating sugar from the equation. By doing so you can already be sure that your child is no longer at risk and can still enjoy daily treats the healthier way. Footy’s products are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, sugar, aspartame.

Footy’s is diabetes, ADHD and tooth friendly making it the perfect cool drink and treat alternative.