Stay Hydrated with Footy’s, the Delicious, Sugar-Free and Banting Friendly Drink.

Stay Hydrated with Footy’s, the Delicious, Sugar-Free and Banting Friendly Drink.

May 2018 | Footy's

In order to achieve your ultimate, healthy weight, banting has the power to transform your body, and Footy’s Future Drink is the ideal refreshment to include in your diet. Switching to the banting meal plan can be a big lifestyle change. But it doesn’t have to be a boring or difficult one when you have great banting friendly products available, such as ours.

Since the book "The Real Meal Revolution" by Tim Noaks hit the shelves, people the world over have enjoyed a healthier way to lose weight. In a nutshell, banting is not just another high-protein diet. Rather, it is perfectly designed to decrease the number of carbohydrates you take in and, as a result, force your body to use body fat as energy.

If you have been following a banting diet for a while, or should you want to start a banting meal plan, there are two main rules to follow:

  • Avoid food which has a carbohydrate content of more than 5g per 100g
  • No sugar!

It is easy to avoid carbohydrate-rich food, but avoiding sugar is another story. Just about everything is packed with sugar these days, and while you might be on a diet, you probably don’t want to compromise on all things sweet. They say that one of the best ways to stay on track with a diet is to not deprive yourself all the time.

With Footy’s sugar-free drink, you can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings the natural way, without doing harm to your diet!

Footy's has a wide array of amazing banting friendly, sugar-free ready to drink and powder mix drink products. Available in a range of great tasting flavours, Footy’s relies on natural flavouring while using banting friendly natural sweeteners. Our drinks are not just great for someone following a banting lifestyle, they are great for the whole family! Free from Aspartame and preservatives, Footy’s drinks are high in Vitamin C and our use of natural sweeteners makes our drinks "tooth friendly"!

The 5 biggest benefits of following a banting diet

When you choose this diet path, you are certainly going to benefit. While many diets are often a fad, banting has stood the test of time. And just like using Footy’s sugar-free drink, there are a few benefits that any banter can enjoy if they stick to their plan. Such benefits include:

  • Weight loss (an obvious benefit, but within the first few months, the weight is going to drop off rather quickly).
  • Blood pressure returns to normal (this is an instant benefit for your heart and general well-being).
  • Improved sleep
  • Extra energy
  • Reduced heartburn as well as less pain in the joints.

Footy’s contributes to these benefits by helping you to stick to your diet while giving you the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a little natural sweetness.

Including the 2 rules mentioned above, there are the 10 basic commandments of banting. They include some things that you can expect such as not overeating or under-eating, including enough nuts and fruits in your diet and checking the labels of the foods you buy.

But one of the biggest setbacks in a banting diet can be as a result of what you drink. You want to live a healthier lifestyle. However, a busy social schedule can mean that you will indulge in a few drinks over the weekend. When taking the basics of banting into consideration, (the basic rule being watch your carb intake), you might think that alcohol of any kind can’t really make an impact on your diet.

What you might not realise is that many alcoholic beverages can cause you to gain weight and halt the progress you’ve been making.

Be sure to limit your intake of alcohol if you are serious about losing weight and while we're on the topic of beverages, those sugar-filled fizzy drinks are also not going to do you any favours.

Footy's Future Drinks is not an alcoholic drink, but it is both a great substitute for carbonated sugar drinks and energy drinks, while it is also naturally a fantastic thirst quencher.

The benefits of including Footy’s in your banting lifestyle.

So sugary drinks are out of the question. Luckily, Footy’s is not your average drink. Our drink is available pre-mixed or as a powder which you can mix whenever you have a thirst. Some of the benefits of including Footy’s in your banting diet plan are:

  • Our drinks are rich in Vitamin C, which can give extra support to your immune system.
  • We have been approved by the Heart Foundation of South Africa as well as Diabetes South Africa.
  • You won’t get a sugar rush from Footy’s, which makes this the ideal drink for those with ADHD.
  • Our drinks are diabetic friendly.
  • Footy’s will not damage your teeth.

These advantages are not just designed to be enjoyed by those who are banting. As you can see, the benefits can improve the wellbeing of anyone looking for a sweet, healthy alternative to the other beverages on the market.

Footy’s is also conveniently packaged. Our trademarked Ready to Drink – Push & Shake to Activate packaging lets you live your life on the move. To activate the flavour in your premixed product all you need to do is push the top down, then pull it up again, before shaking it up to dissolve the powder. A single serving is filled with all of the good stuff and is great for all ages.

With no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and plenty of Vitamin C, Footy’s Future Drinks is the perfect addition to any banting diet. Go on and treat yourself to this naturally sweetened, flavour filled drink.