Benefits of Footy’s Sugar-Free Beverages in ADHD

Benefits of Footy’s Sugar-Free Beverages in ADHD.

April 2018 | Footy's

It is a sad indictment that we live in an age that has enriched our lives in so many areas with advanced technology to entertain us, to transport us and to help us communicate, yet one that is still plagued by so many preventable health issues. The incidence of obesity in South Africa, with its long-term risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke, has become a major issue, yet, with a little more attention to our eating habits, this worrying trend could be reversed. To begin with, we need to eliminate refined sugars from our diet.

A good way to start is to make sure the drinks our kids enjoy are sugar-free and that their sweetness is the product of natural ingredients and not synthetic substitutes such as aspartame. Perhaps you have a child affected by ADHD. Although sugary drinks and sticky buns may not cause their symptoms, they can definitely intensify the typical behaviour traits of inattentiveness and hyperactivity. Equally worrying is the role of refined sugars in tooth decay. Apart from the drain on medical aid funds, dental caries can lead to general health problems, abscesses and even sepsis.

It is not all doom and gloom though. Footy’s is an enjoyable range of fruit flavoured drinks with one big difference – they can be safely enjoyed by anyone, adult or child. Their sugar-free formula means that Footy’s is the perfect choice for those with ADHD symptoms. Also free of aspartame and the dubious long-term effects that have seen it banned in many countries, its sweetness is due to a natural, healthy alternative known as erythritol. At just one calorie per five grams, this natural sweetener – and the tasty drinks that contain it – have gained the approval of Diabetes South Africa and offer a guilt-free indulgence for slimmers too.

Though not widely known, many of the preservatives in processed foods and beverages have been shown to interfere with appetite control, leaving people feeling hungry despite having eaten enough and encouraging over-eating. Footy’s sugar-free flavoured drinks contain no preservatives and are Banting-friendly, providing two more compelling reasons to ensure they become part of your weight loss programme.

Not only can these healthy cool drinks help one avoid the adverse effects of refined sugars on ADHD symptoms, they are also tooth-friendly. This may not be great news for your dentist’s bank account, but it should certainly ease the pressure on your medical expenses. Rich in fibre and vitamin C, and delivering just 20 kilojoules with each 300 ml serving, Footy’s sugar-free juices have also been approved by the Heart Foundation.

With a choice of passion fruit, naartjie, raspberry, strawberry or lemon and lime, there should be something to suit everyone. Footy’s sugar-free flavoured drinks are available in powder form, as well as a ready-to-drink bottle.

How much benefit the new sugar tax will have, remains to be seen, but it is unlikely to curb people’s taste for sweet drinks. It makes sense then to switch to a healthier option that is safe for diabetics, good for slimmers, avoids tooth decay and will not send ADHD symptoms spiralling out of control. Footy’s sugar-free flavoured drinks promise all this and more.