Sugar-Free lifestyle with Footy's

Advantages of a Sugar-Free lifestyle with Footy's.

June 2018 | Footy's

In the recent years there has been a massive shift from reactive to proactive wellness in our societies. In today’s health conscious environment, more and more emphasis is being placed on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to what you eat and drink. Over the last decade the media has bombarded us with all the different diets and study’s claiming to achieve life changing results when in actual fact they all simply regulate your sugar intake. Over the years, one fact has become blindingly clear - Our biggest contributor to health and wellness problems is SUGAR!

Sugar makes you feel good, temporarily. We all know that euphoric pick-up that we experience when we eat or drink high sugar consumables. It feels great, but inevitably we are knocked down with that sluggish low feeling that comes with a ‘’sugar dip’’ and then we depend on another sugar fix to get through the day.

Did you know that excess sugar causes a chain reaction in your bodies chemical levels. High sugar levels in your blood causes your body to release Insulin, which triggers Tryptophan. In turn Tryptophan ultimately turns into Serotonin. This is that lovely chemical that makes you feel sleepy and contributes to your sugar low feeling.

The Footy’s product range is the only alternative cool-drink and flavouring system on the market. All the products are sugar and preservative free. Your body will be able to absorb the nutrients it needs to get you your energy kick that will last with no negative side effects. Choosing sugar free Footy’s Products, offers many benefits - It is well known that sugar causes havoc various of your body’s systems. Leaving behind a messy trail for your digestive tract to clean up. More often than not this causes the weakening of your digestive system, leaving it unable to focus on its primary objectives. Going the sugar free way, means your giving your digestive tract nutrients that it can absorb easily, without any of the drama. Footys knows this, which is why they pack their products full of healthy nutrients with no sugar!

Feeling bloated and gassy after a sugar rich meal or drink?

This is because sugar ferments in your body. When it cannot be digested properly, sugars that have been left behind release gasses into your digestive tract leaving you feeling like an uncomfortable balloon.

Choose Footy's sugar free products to prevent from feeling like a blown-up balloon.

Every parent should be concerned about the impact of sugar on ADHD and ADD children.

It is every mom and dad's silent fear that they will one day be known for asking their children "have you had your pills yet"? Ritalin is already a house hold product which is renowned for its negative side effects. Many trials have been done and research published about the various possible causes, triggers and contributors.

One obvious contributor has been constant through-out all the research – Sugar. Naturally, when a child is first diagnosed, the parents will run with the doctor’s recommendation, which is medicate. Sugar is a gateway in our children’s system to hyperactivity. Sadly, this is not the only condition sugar contributes to. It is recorded to contribute to Anaemia, indigestion, dermatitis, osteoporosis etc. These all have sugar as its underlying cause.

Footy’s is sugar free and suitable for ALL AGES - Your children love flavoured cold drinks, by giving them sugar free Footy’s Products, they can enjoy a flavoured drink, without the negative impact of sugar.

Did you know that Footy’s is endorsed by Diabetes South Africa and the Heart and Stroke Foundation?

I just ate but I am still hungry?

This is because it takes your body a lot more to metabolise and digest sugars than any other nutrient factor. Nutrients such as chromium and potassium are factors that help ward off pain and inflammation. These very same nutrients are used in excess to metabolise sugars, thus wearing out your bodies stores, leaving less for your systems to use when really needed. Sugar also offers no nutrient rich basis, it provides zero micro or macro nutrients and rather uses more than it gives. By not providing these important macro and micro nutrients, your body does not get what it needs. In the end, it leaves you feeling hungry again. So in hind sight Sugar leaves you with less, rather than benefitting your health.

Footy’s sugar and preservative free products is the best option in our fight for a sugar free society.

An apple a day?

Dental practitioners argue ad nauseam about the negative impact of sugar on dental health. This is based on the fact that sugar encourages bacteria growth which in turn create cavities. By turning to a sugar free option, you can avoid this from happening.

Sugar has many down sides such as:

  • Decreased mental acuity and ability to concentrate.
  • Struggle with weight gain.
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Health risks such as diabetes, anaemia, osteoporosis, indigestion etc.
  • Mental health issues including depression.
  • Dermatological problems such as acne.
  • Digestive issues including bloating and flatulence.

Benefits of living sugar free:

  • Higher concentration levels.
  • Less risk of heart disease and other ailments.
  • Stronger immunity.
  • Level energy through out the day.
  • Healthy skin and hair.
  • Easier weight and health management.
  • Overall healthier feeling.

How does Footy’s benefit you as part of your sugar free lifestyle?

Footy’s is a delicious sugar free alternative to cold drinks and other flavouring and sweetner systems. It also has zero preservatives and no artificial colouring. It comes in powder form as well as in a delicious, easy-to-use ready-to-drink. With the wide range of flavours, you will always have something tasty to drink that is packed with nutrients and high amounts of vitamin C.

So choose sugar free with Footy's! Try our - Push & Shake to Activate™